Tuesday, June 21, 2005

40,000 American Deaths? OK for Counterpunch

One of the more interesting things about Moonbats is their ambivalent, to say the least, attitude toward World War II. It is usually portrayed as a U.S. war of imperialism in which both sides were interchangeable. A good example of this comes in Counterpunch, in an article commemorating the 60th annivesary of the A-bomb test in New Mexico.

The Moonbat journal's Mickey Z. rewrites history with this inane statement: "it was widely known at the time that Japan had been trying to surrender for months prior to the atomic bombing." Yeah, right. So hard to surrender. Got to keep trying. Seems they figured out after Nagaski.

But here's the really odious comment in this wretched piece. If the U.S. had to invade Japan it would have cost a mere "40,000 U.S. soldiers killed, 150,000 wounded, and 3,500 missing." (And, of course, many, many times more Japanese soldiers and civilians dead, which this twerp doesn't even mention.)

This piece is as good an example as can be found of the intellectual vacuity to be found on the left nowadays. Anything that the US does--it really doesn't matter at all--is, prima facie, bad, despicable. Including World War II. So what can I say, Mickey Z, except to give you a hearty "Heil Hitler!"

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