Wednesday, June 22, 2005

These Guys Protected Us From Osama?

Today, Counterpunch staggers over to the railing of the SS Moonbat and vomits forth against its favorite target, the miserable Zionist Entity (perhaps upset that Jews were on the wrong side in World War II). The authors are, suitably, a couple of ex-CIA types named, also suitably, Christison.

Not surprisingly for the authors of a book subtitled, "Telling the Palestinian Story," they tend to, well, skew their argument more than just a little. Thus they live up to the grand tradition of both Palestinian propagandists and the "intelligence" analysts whose great work can be found in lower Manhattan.

One line stands out from amid the usual spin: "In [a particular Zionist stooge’s] enthusiasm for Israel, she failed ever to mention that in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, which Israel has controlled for 38 years, more than three million Palestinians enjoy no democracy at all under Israel’s rule."

Hello? What's that little democratically elected dictatorship, the Palestinian Authority, doing tooling around amid all that repression?

Reading this, and thinking back to the Ray McGovern rant the other day, I came to a new understanding why that big hole is in the ground over on Church Street. With schmucks like these in our "intelligence" community, no wonder that hole was put there and no wonder we can't find a guy who did it.

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