Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Times and the Islamic Loons

The New York Times today published a weird, circuitous examination of a small group of Muslim loons in Queens, in a piece that raises the question, "Why is the Times giving publicity to these jerks?"

The Times piece says that the "Islamic Thinkers Society" "bears a strong resemblance to Islamist movements in England that try to unite Muslims by inciting anger." However, the group appears to exist only on a website and in weekend appearances on a street corner in Queens.

So why give a tiny group of nuts the publicity it is seeking? Simple. The obvious purpose of the Times article is to advance the newspaper's editorial position that "mainstream" Islamic groups are moderate, marvelous, pro-American, lovely people! Thus a small group of extremists is rejected by the "moderate" Council on American-Islamic Relations--the terrorist cheerleaders who have been repeatedly legitimized by the Times and other media outlets.

Thus we have a quote from Mohammad Tariq Sherwani, the imam of the Muslim Center of New York, who "said the group has frequented his Flushing mosque, brandishing fliers with bloody photographs from Iraq and Palestine. [sic] 'We, as leaders, have to help them think. Islam does not believe in any extremism. Islam is not fanaticism. Islam believes in balance.'"

Yeah, right. Incidentally, note the Times displaying its editorial bias by prematurely inaugurating the "State of Palestine."

There could be more significance to this "Thinkers" group, but you won't read about it in the Times.

According to these morons' website, a reporter for the New York Observer named Jessica Bruder is researching an article about these mutts. Hopefully Ms. Bruder will do more than publicize a small group of street-corner dimwits and tell us how great and how violence-rejecting and mainstream etc. etc., is the "mainstream Muslim leadership." If the purpose is to showcase Muslim institutional "moderation," do everybody a favor, Ms. Bruder, and spare us.

(See this update, posted later in the day.)

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