Thursday, June 23, 2005

Anti-Semitism Promoter to Succeed Kofi Annan?

According to a UPI item today, the UN's propaganda minister, Shashi Tharoor, may be proposed by India as a successor to Kofi Annan, once the latter finally shuffles off under the weight of his ethical problems.

The brainchild behind this trial balloon is, no doubt, the very same self-promoting, overpaid, underworked Shashi Tharoor. Still, when you think about it, you have to admit he would be a perfect candidate to head the East River Debating and Terrorist Cheerleading Society:

  • He promotes anti-Semitism and Israel bashing better than just about anyone east of First Avenue. Remember that he gave a forum to the notorious anti-Semite Israel Shamir in 2001, and only this month topped that off with a hate-Israel media "conference"--and topped that off by sanitizing the minutes.
  • CAMERA observed: "Just like the U.N.’s 2001 Durban Conference Against Racism itself became a racist anti-Israel hate fest, the U.N.’s media seminar this week supposedly promoting sober, factual journalism about the conflict turned into a platform for anti-Israel distortions and incitement." Good work, Shashi Tharoor!
  • He is a bureaucrat nonpareil. Tharoor's Propaganda Ministry--the "Department of Public Information"-- employs a staggering seven hundred bureaucrats, flacks and propagandists, four hundred of them in New York alone. And he has said that he doesn't want to part with a single one of them. Obviously a management genius!
  • He is an expert at manipulating the supine UN press corps, bribing them with writing jobs and "consulting contracts" and gigs hosting a UN fake-news show. Though the controversy that erupted over payments to UN hacks--notably the Payola Pundit, Ian WIlliams--has focussed on the journos, remember who was making those payments, Shashi Tharoor.
  • He has the UN media lapping out of his hand. See how Reuters UN bureau chief Evelyn Leopold rushed to his defense over Tharoor giving a platform to Shamir, who is so anti-Semitic even the Palestinians disowned him.
  • He is incompetent at the vital job of shilling for the UN.
  • He writes books while you pay his salary.
Need I go on? An absolutely outstanding record! Clearly, Shashi Tharoor and only Shashi Tharoor can live up to the ethical, managerial -- and, above all, Israel-bashing -- record of Kofi Annan.

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