Friday, June 24, 2005

Reuters in Full Palestinian-Flack Mode

Reuters was in full Palestinian-flack mode today.

Earlier today I posted about how the Palestinians' longtime claim of "weakness" against terrorists was contradicted by their vigorous actions when their own people were attacked. I quoted from this AP story, describing how Palestinian forces swung into action when a police station was attacked.

Here's how Reuters spun it:

In the West Bank town of Jenin, Palestinian police arrested 10 Palestinians in connection with the fatal shooting of a local officer the day before that was symptomatic of lawlessness. To curb violence, Abbas wants to co-opt militants into mainstream institutions rather than try to crush them as Sharon demands, fearing this would risk civil war before Israeli commits itself to talks on Palestinian statehood.

Note how Reuters provides excuses for Palestinian inaction, immediately after describing a case of Palestinian action! Note too how a Roadmap requirement is, yet again, distorted into a "Sharon demand."

UPDATE: In a later version of its story, the AP, which had previously contrasted the Palestinian action with its claims of weakness, watered-down its piece to remove that point entirely.

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