Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Khalidi Plot Thickens

Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, enmeshed though he is in a plagiarism scandal, seems to be advancing through the halls of academia anyway--another example how mediocrity and advocacy of extremism carry the day in dear old ivy!

Khalidi, a Horatio Alger type who is always advancing himself, is pushing for a new job at Princeton University. The local Princeton Packet, meanwhile, ignored the plagiarism scandal in a story on the subject the other day. Interesting line in the piece: Princeton vice president Robert Durkee "declined to confirm Professor Khalidi's candidacy for the endowed chair at Princeton. He said this particular chair is a floating one." Hmm.... floating in what? Blood?

Meanwhile, Harvard's Alan Dershowitz expounds on this whole plagiarism business in an article in a Boston Jewish paper, reprinted by Campus Watch. Seems that the plagiarism took place in a website that very neatly made it un-plagiarism, after the dirty deed was revealed, by removing Khalidi's byline. Slick work!

But Khalidi's shining moral qualities pale alongside his glorious advocacy of the crushing of the evil Zionist entity. He will be sorely missed at the Madrassa on the Upper West Side. Goodbye, Khalidi! Don't forget to plagiar.... I mean, write!

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