Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Dispatch From Oz

After watching The Wizard of Oz over the July 4th weekend, I was inspired to visit the Online Oz, the crush-Israel website Electronic Intifada. There you have a fairy-tale land in which reality rarely intrudes.

Thus the EI article yesterday on media bias complained about a rampant pro-Israel bias in the media. This swill is the kind of "convenient cricism" that people in the media just love, as it gets them off the hook so they can plead "we get complaints from both sides." (More on that here.)

Oddly, the author slipped up and let a little truth slip through. Way down at the bottom of his rant about the peace-loving, chronically misunderstood Palestinian people, he says this:

"The donors' agenda, after all, is to focus on internal Palestinian 'reform' and endless, sterile diplomacy in order to avoid the necessary confrontation with Israel without which there can be no progress toward peace."

Oops! How did they let that one get by? "Confrontation with Israel" is, of course, Hamas-speak for strapping on a suicide belt and detonating oneself among as many Jews as possible, or shooting off a crude missile in the hope it will kill a baby, pregnant woman or some other Zionist thug.

This is the second slipshod propaganda job I've seen in EI recently. They've got to brush up on that Big Lie technique they used to apply much more adeptly!

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