Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Anniversary Greetings From the UN

UN Propaganda Minister Shashi Tharoor uses the foundation-supported UN mouthpiece MaximsNews to spew some trite swill on the occasion of the much-ignored 60th anniversary of the East River Debating and Terrorist Cheerleading Society.

"For 60 years, we have reaped the benefits of this conclave in San Francisco," says Tharoor.

Yes, we have. We have seen the brightest hope of the postwar era become a sounding board for tinhorn dictators, dithering in the face of genocide, and the vital, ongoing task of vilifying Israel. Ever notice how the UN Foundation and other UN shills never talk about that?

Tharoor himself runs a fat bureaucracy employing seven hundred flacks and propagandists whose principal job is to make the world forget the kind of travesty the UN has become. When, that is, the "Palestine, Decolonization and Human Rights Section" of its "Department of Public Information" isn't sponsoring bash-Israel events featuring Israeli anti-Zionists and a notorious anti-Semite.

Ruining the UN has been quite an accomplishment! (Do you know that the Allied powers used to call themselves "the United Nations"?) It takes a real group of dedicated people to produce such a mammoth disappointment. Tharoor himself should take a bow, because he has done more than his share to make it all possible.

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