Thursday, July 07, 2005

La Lucha Continua

Cynical take by Gawker on this blog's struggle for truth, justice and the American way. I.e., the New York Times ripoff of my Romenesko piece, and its arrogant response. I think from now on I'll call it "Herringgate," in honor of the Times minion with whom I have been dealing.

Responding to my post saying that I was awaiting a response from Times public editor Barney Calame, Gawker says:

We can guess what happens, actually, and it begins with a ā€œNā€ and ends with an "OTHING.ā€

Well, I'm not going to argue too hard with that. But let's withhold judgment a wee bit, and see what, if anything he does.

After all, this is an open-and-shut example of the day to day sleaze, and almost routine inaccuracy and arrogance, that has wrecked the Times' reputation. I'd wait a week before slapping a do-nothing label on Calame.

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