Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tom Friedman's Learning Disability

I truly believe that Tom Friedman must have a learning disability, or a surfeit of reading comprehension skills. How else can you describe this line of nonsense in his New York Times column today on the Gaza withdrawal:

"Will the U.N. confirm the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, as it did from Lebanon, creating an internationally recognized border. . . (Even terrorists today are deterred by the legality of the Israel-Lebanon border.)"

Hello? Tom buddy, have the library run a database search before you spout off such nonsense in the future. They might have turned up some clips about Israeli soldiers being kidnapped in Shebaa Farms, stories in your own paper about Hezbollah infiltrations of the border, and references to an Israeli protest to the Security Council only last week. The Security Council issued a statement calling on Lebanon to extend control over the entire country by deploying its army in all areas and "to put an end to all attacks emanating from its territory."

What is preventing terrorists from coming in and performing another Ma'alot tragedy (the murder of Israeli children in northern Israel two decades ago) is the Israeli army, not some border that they do not respect in the least.

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