Thursday, July 07, 2005

Another UN Anti-Semite Earning His Pay

UN Watch points out this latest exploit from the East River Debating and Terrorist Cheerleading Society: "The United Nations expert on the right to food has called the Gaza Strip 'an immense concentration camp,' and compared Israelis to concentration camp guards." So says the UN Watch mailing list (nothing yet on the group's website).

According to Switzerland’s Le Courrier, Jean Ziegler made the comments before a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Geneva on Tuesday, and "also called on the crowd to pressure Europeans into boycotting Israeli goods."

Ziegler is apparently competing with UN propaganda boss Shashi Tharoor for the title, "Jew-baiter of the year." Tharoor just returned from a trip to Cairo, where he conducted an anti-Israel hate-fest, in which the carefully chosen Israeli delegation was headed by Israeli anti-Zionist Ilan Pappe.

Unfortunately, the Geneva-based UN Watch fails to understand the great work Ziegler is doing. "Mr. Ziegler’s technique is to pretend that he is being criticized for ‘merely doing his job’ or for criticizing Israel. That’s a lie,” said UN Watch. "Between 2000 and 2004, Ziegler failed to mention most of the world’s food emergencies. . . while condemning Israel for allegedly 'starving the Palestinians' in 24 separate statements."

Oh, puh-lease. Don't these guys understand that the purpose of the UN food program, like most UN agencies, is not to do ridiculous stuff like "feed the hungry," but the far more vital purpose of delegitimizing the Zionist entity?

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