Friday, July 08, 2005

Send Russ Baker to Riker's Island!

An obscure journo named Russ Baker, who authored a particularly dimwitted attack on Judith Miller a couple of weeks ago, says the following in a July 5 posting on his blog:

"... the prospect of actually going to jail is less severe than it sounds. Defendants stand to get short sentences of perhaps 60-90 days, might serve their time at home, or in a relatively comfortable minimum security facility, a la Martha Stewart. A couple of quiet months in such a place is hardly the stuff of Alcatraz, could even be the enforced equivalent of some book leave, and bestows a badge of honor on a breast that may not deserve it."

Hey, somebody's got to give this guy a belated birthday gift: A 60- to 90-day, all-expense-paid trip to Riker's Island is just what this guy needs. I'm sure he'll make loads of really close new friends--and put in some quality book-writing time too, I'll betcha!

P.S. This twit is not to be confused with the ex-Times columnist Russell Baker.

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