Saturday, July 09, 2005

Israeli Moonbats Get Another Megaphone

In keeping with its editorial policy of slapping a megaphone into the hands of Israeli Moonbats whenever possible, the New York Times today takes up the cudgels of the poor, persecuted Palestinians in the Silwan section of Jerusalem and their heroic "peace group" buddies.

"Peace groups, made up of both Palestinians and Jews, opposed the demolitions and gave tours of the area to diplomats and journalists," said the Times. Typically, the newspaper of the broken record puts a spit shine on groups that do nothing more or less than advocate the Palestinian cause, by calling such groups "peace groups." Get it? The Pals=Peace. The Israelis=War.

The principal "peace group" shilled in this article is Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, a radical anti-Zionist group whose vision of "peace" is dismantlement of Israel.

The Times article today is a dreary repeat of the same line of propaganda parroted by USA Today a few weeks ago, in an article that was "demolished" by CAMERA. Like USA Today, the Times uncritically swallows the Palestine swill, hook, line and sinker. Said CAMERA:

"According to Israel Kimhi, author of 'Arab Building in Jerusalem: 1967 - 1997,' and a former Jerusalem city planner now at the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies, 'Arab housing construction in Jerusalem grew at a rate of 122 percent, compared to 113.5 percent for Jewish construction.' Much of the Arab construction was promoted by the Palestinian Authority, some of it on land purchased with money from Saudi and other Arab backers. Though Guttman cites the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies’ figure for the municipality's total Arab population (about one-third), his article does not mention Kimhi's research on Arab building."

All this was, of course, nowhere to be found in the Times piece, which was a typical pro-Palestinian snow job.

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