Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Finding a Silver Lining in Mass Slaughter

The New York Times's Mr. Sunshine, Hassan M. Fattah, lets a smile be his umbrella as he wanders cluelessly into Leeds, from which came the four London bombers. Fattah is assigned by the Times to wander cluelessly into Muslim areas and say nice things about Muslims, and he does not disappoint.

Oh my. Contrary to what he reported on July 10, it seems these really were Islamic terrorists and not, say, sheepherders demanding higher lamb prices! But not to worry. The Muslims of Leeds are good people. Tolerant people. And they are shocked, shocked that the four emerged from their tolerant community!

But Fattah just can't resist putting in a pitch for the old, phony "they kill because they're poor" line of baloney. You'll be pleased to know that "there may be a silver lining of sorts." And what is that "silver lining," you ask?"
"Both the Muslim and non-Muslim community here will have to deal with issues that we have been sweeping under the carpet," [a convert to Islam named] Mr. Talbot said. "Our crime rate amongst young people is disproportionate, and there's a higher percentage of kids going into prison for drugs. As a community, we're not bringing this up. Religion has nothing to do with it, so the question is, what does?"

Uh.... what does? Better question: What has the "crime rate in Leeds" got to do with the terrorist bombings in London? Plenty, or so Fattah implies. This line of spin goes unchallenged by the Times' Mr. Sunshine, acting as usual as an unquestioning conduit for the most egregious, cockamamie pap that is told to him. In this case, that four Islamic nuts went down to London to kill people as a reflection of a "disproportionate crime rate" and not because hate has found a cozy home in the "tolerant" Islamic community of Britain.

UPDATE: Turns out the clueless Fattah was hoodwinked by his interviewees, who used assumed names borrowed from Bollywood stars. See this in Polipundit. These guys wouldn't even give their correct names. What other lies did they tell?

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