Thursday, August 18, 2005

An Unreality Check at the Times

The New York Times lead editorial today on Gaza hews closely to the Sulzberger Indifference Template, as it tries to counterbalance the anguished news out of Gaza with a "reality check." Gaza was beyond the 1949 lines, blah blah blah, ignoring that the armistice lines were just that, and that the final borders were never determined.

Typical Times editorial-page skewing. But then the editorial goes on to say this:

But it's past time - 38 years past, to be exact - to give the Palestinians there a chance at a better life.
I can find no better example of the Sulzberger Template at work than in this one sentence. The Israeli occupation began 38 years ago, but it was preceded by an Egyptian occupation that commenced in 1949, during which Palestinians were herded into squalid camps, fed a diet of hate. and during that entire time nothing was done to either improve their conditions or provide them with an independent state on that land.

None of this matters to the Times editorialists in their skewed, pro-Palestinian (note reference to the 1947 UN resolution as creating a "Zionist" state) version of events. This is the version of "reality" you expect from people for whom "terrorism" is getting bad sturgeon at Zabar's.

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