Friday, August 12, 2005

Shafer's Issues

Shafer: Incoherent

I ventured back into the Internet this evening for a short while, only to be met by a sad sight-- Slate media columnist Jack Shafer making a fool of himself.

Shafer, whose grip on coherence has been slipping recently, makes the case for hiring biased book reviewers, saying "The point of a book review isn't to review worthy books fairly, it's to publish good pieces. "

Uhh, Jack, the purpose of a review is to let the reader know if the book is any good, not to let the reviewer show off. That's my problem with Joe Queenan, as I noted in a previous item.

I'm worried about Jack. This is not the first time he's come out with a rambling, incoherent, nonsensical column. There was his column last week. Then there was his hissy fit some weeks back. Gee. Hope he's OK.

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