Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jennings Dies, The World Mourns

This link says it all.

UPDATE: An excellent piece in FrontPage on all the great stuff Peter Jennings did for his cause--Islamic extremism, that is. I'll quote from the article:
While the rest of the world is blindly singing Jennings' praises, here's a reality check: Peter Jennings did more for the cause of Islamic terrorism than any media figure today. And that's nothing to celebrate, honor, or even memorialize.

Meanwhile, leave it to the World's Worst Media Columnist, Jon Friedman of Marketwatch, to top all his colleagues and make a total ass of himself, in a simpering column criticizing the networks for failing to spend enough time extolling Jennings. As usual, Friedman competes with himself for the bottom -- no one comes close -- with this gem:
Jennings was ferociously competitive and sometimes his desire to be No. 1 came at the expense of his teammates. Ensor noted that it could be "a bit of a blow" when Jennings appropriated a reporter's best writing and claimed it as his own.
Friedman immediately hauls out the vat of syrup and ladles it on:
But Ensor didn't tell the story to make the point that Jennings was a mean-spirited boss or a bully. If anything, I thought that Ensor's anecdote was reassuring. It was nice to know that even Jennings went to such lengths to stay on top.
It's reassuring to know that Friedman is still the Worst. How about retiring undefeated? Come on. Please!

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