Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Key to Cockburn's Bigotry: Biscuits!

The rat-like Alexander Cockburn has been slithering his way through India on Counterpunch over the past couple of days, in warmed-over diary entries from a trip there in April.

What does a self-absorbed, bigoted British guy (a reader tells me that calling him a "bigoted Englishman" is incorrect, and I must be accurate) have to say about the Taj Mahal? Why, it stinks, of course!

"I'’ve never cared for the Taj Mahal, depicted on the biscuit tins of my childhood," said Cockburn. It is "kitsch." He actually drones on quite a bit on the subject.

How revealing. Think about it. What turned what might have once been a promising young writer into a deeply prejudiced old buffoon? What twisted Cockburn's mind so that one of the most beautiful buildings in the world becomes "kitsch"?

Most rational people look at a thing of beauty and they are awed. Alexander Cockburn looks at a thing of beauty, he thinks back to something in his kitchen when he was a kid, and he is repelled.


Could we have here a clue to the roots of Cockburn's incoherent rants and vile anti-Semitic ramblings? Some kind of childhood trauma, perhaps? Something biscuit- or possibly macaroon-related has polluted his foul brain?

Psychologists, take note.

One positive development: I see that the Taj has lowered its admission fees for foreigners. That must have been good news for this low-wage Moonbat.

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