Saturday, September 10, 2005

The "Culture of Lies" In Action at Counterpunch

The Palestinian propaganda apparatus feeds on lies, big and small, on everything from big stuff (there is no Jewish history in the Holy Land) to "little," tactical things, a whole galaxy of lies that add up to one big, fat lie-issimo.

Hey, they got to say something, right? Since the truth doesn't do the Palestinian cause much good, got to trot out those lies!

That brings us to the old, reliable "confiscation" lie, regurgitated today in Counterpunch by William A. Cook. In an article that contrasts coverage of the New Orleans floods to press "neglect" of the plight of the poor, poor, innocent Palestinians (gotta blast those damn Jews at every opportunity!), Cook says:

But who are these "Settlers"? Why expend such media time on 8000 people being evicted from their homes? They are in truth "Squatters," people who knowingly and willingly accept government financial support to move onto land illegally confiscated by the Sharon government under the pretext that it is "annexed" or "appropriated" land available because Israeli law has legalized its theft contrary to international law or the conventions of the United Nations. These people know that they live on Palestinian land the ownership of which can be traced back through centuries.

Wow. This paragraph is so crammed with lies it's a bit hard to untangle. You have an underlying big lie -- "Palestinian land." Gaza, of course, has never been under Palestinian sovereignty. It was under Egyptian administration from 1949 to 1967, and before that was under British rule, and before that under Turkish, and before that...... before that... before that....

But that is just an underlying lie. The primary "lie message" conveyed here is the Confiscation Myth, which holds that those damn Jews go around stealing land from Palestinians at every opportunity. In cribbing the Palestinian bilge on this subject, Cook failed to check the clips. He ought to know that a good lie is not one that can be immediately contradicted, in this case by the Palestinians themselves, and only a few days ago.

As has been widely reported, most recently by an Associated Press piece in mid-August--picked up by such pals of Israel as the Pakistan Observer, 91% of settlements were built on lands that were public lands during the Egyptian administration. The source of this was the Palestinians, in the context of their effort to tackle the evacuated settlements.

Why bother even reading what is produced in a swill machine like Counterpunch, written by crackpots for crackpots? There's no question that the fools and anti-Semites who fall for this crapola could care less about whether it is true or not.

The reason it's a good idea to monitor this garbage was well put the other day by former Shin Bet Chief Avi Dichter, in an article in Ynet. In the context of the consistent Palestinian failure to carry out agreements, Dichter spoke of a "culture of lies." Said Dichter, “We must not accept their culture of lies, but we must be familiar with it.”

Amen, brother.

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