Monday, October 03, 2005

Stop the Presses! Miller Not a Hero!

The Very Worst

The World's Worst Media Columnist, Jon Friedman of MarketWatch, comes toddling along today with this earth-shattering conclusion: "I have to stop short when it comes to calling [Judith Miller] a martyr or, for that matter, any sort of journalistic hero."

Wow! What a courageous conclusion, or so Friedman fantasizes: "I may be regarded now as some sort of a Quisling by any journalists who contend that Miller represents the best of our blessed profession. So be it."

Talk about an idiotic straw man. Can anyone out there cite for me one single, solitary example of a journalist who still "contends that Miller represents the best of our profession"?

Still, let's thank Jon here for pointing the way. Too bad he's pointing the way about five days after pretty much everyone else, including ex-Miller supporters such as myself, came to the same conclusion.

They don't call him "the world's worst media columnist" for nothing. Go back to writing puff pieces, Jon.

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