Thursday, September 29, 2005

CIA Twits Exposed

One of the insights one can gain from reading the Moonbat retch-factory Counterpunch is that it provides an inside look at the personnel problems that have plagued the CIA. Why has the agency had so many failures in recent years? Are some of the people working there simply incompetent? These are the questions that have been raised since 9/11.

Well, Counterpunch provides a vigorous "yes" answer to these questions, by disseminating the wack-a-doo writings of two top-level ex-CIA analysts named Bill and Kathleen Christison. I wrote about one of their rants a few months ago.

Today, an excellent analysis of these two morons' work, and that of other brain-dead ex-CIA minions, appears on FrontPage Magazine by the always trenchant Steve Plaut. Essential reading!