Friday, September 23, 2005

The Word is Spreading: Calame is Worthless

The Empty Suit: Worthless

Terrific item in Michelle Malkin's blog today on the brush-off a reader received from the Empty Suit, New York Times spokesman (a/k/a "public editor") Barney Calame, when he asked why the Times ignored a particular story.

The title of her item says it all: THE NY TIMES OMBUDSMAN IS TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

Ms. Malkin, as usual, hits the nail on the head:

Why even bother having an ombudsman at the Times? Calame's assistant haughtily suggests that since the office has "no control" over what's printed, then the office has no role whatsover in questioning the paper's sins of omissions. If Calame's office has no jurisdiction over what's left out of the paper, that leaves him only with the task of correcting and criticizing the errors that are left in. But he can't even do that job.

She adds that "since the NYTimes is hemorrhaging money and desperately slashing jobs, the budget-cutters might as well axe Calame's job while they're at it."

Her verdict on Calame: "He's a waste of their money and our time and energy."

Here here! As I've noted before, having a disaster as a "public editor" is not just bad for readers, but doesn't do the Times much good either. This parody of a "public editor" is such an insult to the intelligence that he is just one more liability for this credibility-deficient newspaper.

There's only one solution to the mess the Times created when it hired this do-nothing bureaucrat: Dump Calame!


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