Monday, September 19, 2005

Sheehan, Fit To Print -- And to Shill

In an item yesterday I described how the New York Times systematically downplays or ignores subjects that don't fit its ideological agenda and preconceived notions -- such as Egypt's failure to abide by its agreement to police its border with Gaza.

Contrast that nonfeasance with the lavish Times coverage of a routine speech yesterday by the Gold Star Moron, Cindy Sheehan. Sheehan, who has made a career of spitting on the memory of her dead son, gets a puff piece with this stop-the-presses headline: "Mother Who Lost Son in Iraq Continues Fight Against War."

Well of course she does! How could she not, as long as the Times gives her ravings unquestioning coverage, and fails to publicize her wacko anti-American and anti-Semitic comments.

Get your vomit bag ready. The Times hack who churned out this garbage hits new heights of calumny with the following: "The church was an appropriate setting for a protest, said the Rev. David W. Dyson, who helped organize the event. Built in 1857, the church was created as part of the abolitionist movement, and tunnels below were twice used to shelter runaway slaves as part of the Underground Railroad."

Simon Legree=George W. Bush? Slavery=the War in Iraq? You bet. This is the Times, after all, a once-great newspaper that is now, at its worse, a daily edition of Counterpunch. And believe you me, the Times is hitting new lows every day.

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