Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Burning Al Aqsa (And theTruth) in Counterpunch

Counterpunch today has a rant from a character named Ramzy Baroud (no credit line, but I am sure his credentials are extensive!) that illustrate a point I have raised several times. Which is, of course, that Palestinian rhetoric would be barren indeed were it not for an ample arsenal of lies.

Thus we have this gem from Baroud, in the midst of lengthy drivel describing the perils of normalizing relations with the evil Zionist entity:

Muslim nations understood the spiritual connotations of Palestine among their people, and as a result, they have supported the Palestinian struggle as an exclusively Muslim affair that compels unyielding allegiance. The first meeting of the Organization of Islamic Countries in Morocco in 1969 "was held in the wake of the criminal arson perpetrated on August 21, 1969 by Zionist elements against Al-Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem," read the OIC's web site. The bond couldn't have been clearer.

Ah yes, those perfidious Zionists! Damn them to hell for their criminal arson. Except that Baroudy, who wouldn't know a "fact" if it was beaten into his morning eggs, ignores that the Al Aqsa fire was perpetrated by a Christian Ausralian nut. The Palestinian propaganda on this point has been so insistent that it has suckered in people who ought to know better, such as the Wall Street Journal, as this essay in CAMERA pointed out a few years ago.

So lie on, Baroud! Lie on, Counterpunch! It's all you've got, so go with it.