Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Failure is Contagious

Oreskes: A Proven Failure

I'm a little late with this, but I just got wind of an interesting piece in the New York Post about a possible coup brewing at that fast-sinking ship, the New York Times.

The piece describes the Times Company's failing fortunes, fed by massive losses at both the International Herald Tribune and the Times Discovery Channel.

That caught my interest because, as I noted in passing some weeks ago, the Times recently shifted the hack responsible for the Times Discovery disaster, Michael Oreskes, to the Herald even though Oreskes has no international experience whatsoever!

Oreskes's brilliant intellect is evident in the editorial as well as managerial sphere, judging by his comment that he wants the IHT to score "analytical scoops." In other words, spinning stories is the Oreskes focus, in lieu of outmoded stuff like "new facts." Way to go, Mike Oreskes! Just what the foundering IHT needs. (Say, how do you say "moron" in French?)

I guess failure--like misery--loves company. But here is the thing that occurred to me. Lately a lot of attention has focussed on the Times's plummeting credibility, political bias and, as I have recorded recently, shamelessly pro-Palestinian stance. But how can you expect this newspaper to get its editorial act together when its top management is hopelessly inept, and can't even make sound business decisions?

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