Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Medieval Carnage in Saudiland: Where is the Media?

An Indian migrant worker, as the result of a squabble at a gas station, has been sentenced in Saudi Arabia to have his eye gouged out. This nauseating, medieval penalty, disgustingly typical of what passes for "justice" for non-Moslems in that loony country, has received not one word of mention in the Western media. (I picked it up from the ever-vigilant IRIS blog.)

Contrast the press indifference to this atrocity to the lavish attention paid to the latest hiccup from the West Bank, or to p.r. stunts like the recent Saudi gift to Harvard and Georgetown University. Notes IRIS:

The big story here is not the brutality of the Saudi justice system. What is never reported is that because non-Muslim testimony has half the weight of a Muslim's in a sharia court, non-Muslims are almost always the losers of disputes. (The same holds true for women.)
In this case, for example, an Indian gas station worker pointlessly testified that the injury he inflicted was in self-defense.This presents enormous potential for abuse, even disregarding corruption and the routine hostility toward the "other" in the Muslim world. This is how the most unbelievable items are routinely stolen from Christians, for example, such as land and houses in the West Bank and Gaza. It is one reason why Christians are fleeing nearly every country with Muslim rule.


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