Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A New Word for 'Nut': 'Contrarian'

The Good Old Days: Clark in Iraq

The New York Times rewrote the dictionary today in a puff piece on Ramsey Clark, the nauseating former Lyndon Johnson crony who never met a mass murderer or Third World dictator he didn't like.

"In Defending Hussein, an American Contrarian Seeks to Set the Historical Record Straight" is the title of the gag-inducing story by John F. Burns. Clark, Burns says, is "one of America's more renowned contrarians" -- a word ordinarily used in finance to describe an investor who buys stocks that are out of favor. I've never heard it used to describe despicable shysters who make a habit of defending the mass-murders in Rwanda and Slobodan Milosevic.

Burns mentions Milosevic and a bunch of other mutts, but leaves out the Rwanda killers and, more recently, the Palestinian terrorists sued in a U.S. court by the family of a victim. The main focus of the piece is what a great guy Clark is, and how the poor dear has to pay out of his own pocket when he flies around defending mass-murderers. He ignores how Clark has become a mouthpiece for ANSWER and other far-left groups.

Contrast this sniveling cream puff with the informative piece Christopher Hitchens wrote in Slate just a few days ago.

Interesting how the Times has degenerated to the point that third-rate hackery, such as this swill from Burns, is considered routine -- and how it is no great surprise that you can get better stuff with just a couple of clicks on the web.

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