Monday, January 16, 2006

The Anti-Bolton Media Campaign Continues

The mainstream media's villification of U.S. Ambassador the United Nations John Bolton, which began from the moment he was proposed for nomination, is exemplified as much by what you're not reading as much as what you are.

Probably the best example is his letter to the Kofi Annan protesting the dreary Israel-bashing annual "day of solidarity with the Palestinian people," which featured a map without Israel while Kofi proudly beamed for the cameras. Except for the New York Sun, the story was almost completely ignored.

Instead the media continued to beat up Bolton, most recently for not pushing hard enough to revamp its noxious "human rights commission." Typical is this Washington Post story today and a hypocritical editorial by the "defenders of human rights" at the New York Times. Bolton's accomplishments, meanwhile, are almost totally ignored.


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