Monday, January 02, 2006

The Post Fumbles Pal Elections

Soccer Dad today fisks an incredibly lame editorial in the Washington Post yesterday on the Palestinian elections. Seems that everything is just ducky in Pal-land. Says the Post:

Already, too, democracy is showing its benefits. Faced with the possibility of defeat by Hamas, Fatah has been forced to overhaul the aging and corrupt cadre left behind by Yasser Arafat and install young reformers at the top of its legislative list. Their leader, the Israeli-imprisoned Marwan Barghouti, published a remarkable letter in Palestinian newspapers Friday apologizing for Fatah's mistakes and asking voters for another chance.

Wasn't that awfully nice of the dear chap? What the Post ignores is that Barghouti is "Israeli-imprisoned" for multiple homicides. His "apology" concerned "mistakes" by Fatah, which of course did not include mutliple homicides. The Post just shrugs this off. Hey, what's a few dead Jews when "democracy" is on the march?


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