Friday, December 30, 2005

Terrorist PR in Action

The Hezbollah Spin Starts Here

Yahoo! provides a surprisingly revealing look into the Hezbollah p.r. apparatus in a report online here.

Although most of the story reads like a bad j-school assignment, it does provide an uncommon glimpse at Hezbollah press manipulation. "Lebanon's militant political group Hezbollah (Party of God) has become a global brand name," says the report by Yahoo! staffer Kevin Sites.

In addition to its militia, Hezbollah has a full-scale multimedia operation including a media relations department (ironically, when I arrived there to conduct interviews, I was not allowed to videotape and only managed to take this photo). [photo is above]
Still, Hezbollah's media wing is savvy. It publishes a monthly magazine called Qubth Ut Alla, (The Fist of God) and runs television network Al-Manar (The Lighthouse) and radio station al-Nour (The Light).
Just what the modern-day terrorist requires: Great p.r.! And the western media is certainly obliging.

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