Saturday, February 25, 2006

Be Kind to Criminals Week

Did you know it was Be Kind to Criminals Week? No? Well, just take a look at this mind-numbingly dumb column in the Washington Post and you'll see what I mean.

Columnist Marcela Sanchez begins by observing, quite accurately, that members of rapacious Latin youth gangs "are linked to drug trafficking and thousands of gruesome murders from Tegucigalpa to the Washington, D.C., suburbs." So what shall we do about this scourge? A federal task force? Mobilize the National Guard? Why no. Reality TV is the solution!

Says Sanchez:

Carlos Zuniga, Guatemalan business leader and mentor to five of the 10 [gang members involved in the show], was once convinced, as most Guatemalans are, that the gang problem can only be solved by law enforcement. Through his participation in the show, however, he came to believe that most of the gang members are in fact victims of poverty, abuse and abandonment, and that Guatemalan businessmen can no longer afford to be seen as "soulless with no social conscience."

Yeah, victims of gang extortion and violence need to get a little "social conscience" instilled within them and show the proper sympathy for their tormenters! Gee, I never thought of that. What's say we all go down to the local penitentiary and free the unfortunate souls unjustly imprisoned there, so that they can rape and murder and kill and we can all sleep at night, knowing that we have souls -- and a social conscience!


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