Sunday, February 26, 2006

Today's Sunday Times Wince-Fest

Reading the Sunday New York Times, particularly its editorials and op-ed offerings, is always an adventure for anyone who does not adhere to a rigid-left point of view. "How much wincing will I have to do this morning?" we all ask ourselves, I am sure. I call it the "wince factor."

Well, today's edition was truly a wince-fest. At least three winces on every page. Now, before I get to the winces, I should point out that the Times did run a decent, intellgent editorial on the UN Human Rights Commission that actually -- I think this may be a first for the edit page -- had something nice to say about John Bolton! I kid you not. Here it is.

But apart from that, it was just the usual conglomeration of winces. The Empty Suit.... oh my. As I indicated a few weeks ago, Barney Calame has clearly given up. All pretense of being an actual "public editor" is gone. I mean, a column on corporate discounts for Times employees? What's next? A column on the food in the Times cafeteria? (Oh, we do have a little item on the ports-controversy coverage. Everything A-OK!) My face was wincing so much I thought I had a nerve disorder.

"House conservative" David Brooks writes another lame column, this one about a convention on democracy in the Arab world. "William Safire's replacement." Yeah, right. Sure, Safire's shoes were tough to fill. But Brooks doesn't even try. You have to pay good money to Times Select to read his column. Why would anyone do that? "So now these [Middle East] democrats face a choice: live with the corrupt regimes of the status quo or embrace the rising Islamist parties like Hamas." Thanks, guy. Didn't know that.

Sarah Vowell follows with a phoned-in Katrina-genre Bush-bashing and Nicholas Kristof says the port controversy demonstrates prejudice toward Arabs: "But since 9/11 there has been a nativist, Know-Nothing streak in politics; a year ago it blocked China's deal to acquire Unocal, and today it rages at the Dubai ports deal." I won't post links because it isn't necessary -- these guys are just repeating what they always say.

Hey, don't tell me about "know-nothings," feller. All one has to do is pick up the Sunday New York Times, and the "know nothings" are out in force -- always the same monotonous, shrill, predictable drivel. And a little touch of the Empty Suit to tell us what a great paper it is in!


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