Sunday, January 21, 2007

Clint Eastwood's Politically Correct Pap

Here's a movie to put on your "don't see" list: "Letters from Iwo Jima," Clint Eastwood's politically correct humbug.

In this movie the Japanese are the good guys and the U.S. Marines are the bad guys. The Marines shoot prisoners casually and the Japanese give their last dose of morphine to a U.S. POW. While the movie shows Japanese killing a captured American, it is done as hot-blooded retaliation for use of flame-throwers.

In fact, as was pointed out in the Free Republic a few weeks ago, the scene with the compassionate treatment of Americans was totally fictional. Japan's brutality toward POWs, including American POWs on Iwo Jima, and civilians everywhere is a matter of historical record. Remember the Bataan Death March? The Rape of Nanking?

Shame on you, Clint Eastwood.

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