Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Times Hugs 'Mayor Moonbat'

Mayor Moonbat pressing the flesh at hate-America rally

The New York Times today gave a big fat hug - in the form of a front page puff piece - to what must surely be the oddest mayor in America, the Moonbat mayor of Salt Lake City, Rocky Anderson.

Kirk Johnson says, "Rocky Anderson may not be the most liberal mayor in America. But here in the most conservative state, he might as well be."

"Liberal" seems a mealy-mouthed way of whitewashing a mayor who is guest of honor at an "anti-war" rally where anti-American slogans were shouted. That rally followed a "death to Israel" rally that was even worse.

This is typical of the mainstream media's coverage of states like Utah, where Republican sentiments and support of the war run strong. The media focuses on the small handful of nuts and moonbats, no matter how grotesquely unrepresentative.

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