Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey, Ahmadinejad Isn't So Bad!

Count on the Payola Pundit, UN consultant-correspondent Ian Williams, to find something nice to say about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Williams retched out a piece in The Guardian Online saying that the Iranian dictator is not such a bad sort.

Over all, Williams was in fine form with this amoral garbage. His contributions lately have been sleep-inducing diatribes against the UN's new secretary geenral Ban Ki-moon, who Williams feels is not anti-American enough. Personally I think he is teed off because he isn't getting consulting work from the new administration, as he did under Kofi Annan.

Here's an excerpt from fifth rate hack's latest opus:

So, of what is Ahmadinejad guilty? He supports the death penalty? Anyone would think he was a Texas governor. Is the president of China ostracized for threatening to rain missiles on Taiwan, for not having elections, or for executing thousands of people a year? No, we give him the Olympics, and all the TV channels will be there.
In 1938, Williams would have been one of those people saying that Stalin was a great guy, and that Hitler wasn't so bad. After all, what was he guilty of? Supporting the death penalty?