Monday, May 23, 2005

A Costly Mistake? Naaah......

Borrows from the movies

I know. Another Jon Friedman item. Hey, I hate to pick on the guy but... well, see for yourself:

On May 16, Marketwatch's media columnist took time out from writing hero-worship pieces about other media writers to to go a little overboard on the Newsweek-Koran controversy. In a hysterical column, Friedman called it “the most costly mistake in modern journalistic times.”

Well, Friedman has now reversed course. In a story this morning, quoting from the movie--not the book, the movie--All the President's Men, Friedman harkened back to the scene when "Benjamin Bradlee, played memorably by Jason Robards Jr.. . . declared: 'Let's stand by the boys.'"

Friedman now says that the whole Koran thing really wasn't such a terrible thing after all, and "The Post [company] should stick by the magazine and its editors" (just as that great actor did in the movie).

Hmm... Let me try to figure this out. ...Woodward and Berntein write investigative stories that bring down the president; Newsweek runs a one-source column that causes widespread embarrassment and is used by Islamic nuts as an excuse for murder.

Wow... you know what? He's right. Exact same situation! Thanks Jon!

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