Friday, May 20, 2005

Today's Scoop: Wall Street Hires Lawyers!

New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer, who wrote the openly biased story on Donald Trump's Ground Zero plans yesterday, outdoes herself today with a front page article on an amazing phenomenon. Get this: Wall Street is hiring lawyers. Wow!

Steinhauer tells us that "lawyers who keep companies in compliance with increasingly tough regulatory laws have become a new prototype of the financial district." Excuse me? My dictionary says that "prototype" means "first thing or being of its kind," or "model for one of a later period," or "perfect example of a particular type." None would seem to apply even remotely to the hiring of lawyers on Wall Street. Either Times editors have run out of dictionaries or they just throw words on a page when they have nothing to say. (Grammatical quibble: "new prototype" is redundant.)

The Times had a choice. It could put "Wall Street hires lawyers" or "Six million threatened with death in Africa" on page one. Which would you choose as the more important story? We know what the Times chose.

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