Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Non-Apology (update)

I see that the Sandy Wold kerfuffle, involving an anti-Semite who "apologized" online about a newspaper column, is continuing in the comments column of the Backspin blog. Wold has come on to reply, and everybody is having a high old time.

That's just ducky--except for the fact that, as I previously observed, Wold has yet to apologize to her readers. She made her original remarks in the pages of the Ithaca Journal. Her comment passed, no doubt, through several layers of editors.

As best as I can determine, not having the honor of living in that town, the Ithaca Journal hasn't apologized, genuinely or even the faux apology of the kind made by Wold. It has not explained its position on the matter or said a word on the subject publicly.

The culpability of the Journal--a member of the publicly-held Gannett chain--deserves more scrutiny than it has received to date. As usual, the media watchdogs that should be all over this like a cheap suit--Romanesko, CJR, where are you?-- are nowhere to be found.

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