Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CJR Laments (and practices) 'Sloppy Attribution'

Good take in David M today on the brazenly hypocritical CJR Daily website.

In an article on "citizen journalists," CJR cited "four articles whose bylines clearly state the author's name but leave it unclear which high school the author attends." David notes that is a"trivial error when compared with, say, leaving Victor Navasky's name off your publication's masthead when he is in fact running the publication, and only fixing it when exposed by one of those pesky citizen journalist bloggers."

Actually, the CJR has hardly fixed even that. In an earlier item, David observed that the print edition of Columbia Journalism Review has buried Navasky, publisher of The Nation, way way down on its print masthead. Since CJR has acknowledged that Navasky has an editorial role at CJR, and since the magazine certainly reads as if he does, that bit of dissembling is as pathetic as it is dishonest.

UPDATE: One I missed actually--CJR editor goes bananas.

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