Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The 'Faux News' Double Standard

The headline in a New York Times editorial yesterday is right on the mark: "Faux News Is Bad News." Said the Times: "Federal auditors have blistered the Bush administration for secretly concocting favorable news reports about itself by hiring actors to pose as journalists and slipping $240,000 in taxpayer funds to a sell-out conservative polemicist" (that is, Armstrong Williams).

Hey, I'm with them on that. But where is the Times's outrage when it comes to taxpayer-funded faux news broadcast by the United Nations? After all, this country forks over almost half of the budget of the East River Debating and Terrorist Cheerleading Society.

As I noted in a recent item, CNBC World broadcasts a fake-news show called UN World Chronicle, produced by the UN propaganda apparatus and hosted by a left-wing polemicist and UN correspondent assn. honcho named Tony Jenkins. To make things worse, CNBC fails to disclose in its listings and website that this show is fake news.

Where is the outrage over that? Apparently the Times and the rest of the mainstream media -- which has ignored the UN's fake news apparatus -- only care about such things when they are perpetrated by the Bush Administration.

What makes this hypocrisy even more egregious is that the Bush Administration has repudiated fake news, but the UN is continuing to push its phony-interview show and has not repudiated hiring UN correspondents as consultants and shills. The UN brazenly continues to waste taxpayer money in this manner, with the connivance of the docile UN press corps and the silent consent of the MSM.

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