Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Payola Pundit: UN Too Soft on Israel

Excoriates the Jew-Loving UN

The Payola Pundit, UN media trainer Ian Williams, takes a break from his usual occupation -- shilling for Kofi Annan -- to tackle the UN's Israel problem. You know, the one that everyone is complaining about: The UN is too soft on Israel!

Yes, friends. Those damn Jews -- aided by their friend, the evil John Bolton -- have turned the UN into a veritable synagogue. Read all about here. Did you know that those horrible Israelis have actually claimed one of the General Assembly's 21 vice-presidencies? And that Israel has become vice chairman of the UN's Disarmament Commission? What is this world coming to?

Williams' anti-Semitic blatherings in the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs, where this cloud-cuckoo-land rant appeared, are nothing new. A few months ago he assured his readers that James Wolfensohn was able to do a competent job despite the handicap of "Jewish origins."

Mind you, Williams is not just one of your typical, mud-wallowing jackasses but one who dwells in the upper reaches of social strata. Thanks no doubt to his years of shilling for the UN and its management through thick and thin -- when he isn't on the payroll outright -- the Payola Pundit remains a powerful force in the UN Correspondents Assn., and is head of its awards committee.

Just the kind of guy to judge journalistic excellence, wouldn't you say? Or at least you would, if you are in an organization as totally free of ethics, and as cozy with the people it is covering, as is the UN correspondent group.