Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another Must-Read Piece

This one is in the New York Sun (unavailable except to subscribers, alas). The piece, by Nofit Amir, describes how Islamic fundamentalism gulls journalists, with the recent Amman bombing cited as an example:

Most journalists. . . refuse to look at terrorists' religious creed, preferring secular explanations instead. Al Qaeda avidly provides secular explanations, knowing that these have a greater potential of dividing its enemies than religious ones do. If journalists don't start going to the books that terrorists are reading or the sermons they are hearing, they will continue to miss the real story.

This is the kind of sharp analysis you won't read anywhere else, and it is another good reason to read the Sun. However, I sure wish they'd make their newspaper available online. The Times does it. So do the other NY papers. The Sun should too!

(Or, second-best, they could give me a free online subscription.... hint... hint....)

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