Friday, November 18, 2005

TIME Parrots North Korean Propaganda

TIME and North Korea Agree: It Was in NK Territorial Waters

An eagle-eyed reader brought this to my attention: A TIME magazine photo essay, available online here, that sucks up to North Korea the old-fashioned way, by parroting its propaganda.

Click on the second page of the "Exposing North Korea" photo essay, and you get this bit of Pyongyang pap: A photo showing a government official keeping an eye on visitors to the USS Pueblo, which was, the caption says, "captured in North Korean waters in January 1968."

Yeah. So says North Korea -- trustworthy, truth-telling North Korea. No need to do any fact-checking of anything North Korea says!

Not that TIME gives a damn about what our government or the crew of the Pueblo say on the subject, but both are emphatic that the ship was well outside North Korean waters at the time it was captured.

Good old TIME. Take a bow, comrades!

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