Thursday, November 10, 2005

What's Next? Where Alito Buys Coffee?

Latest media lunacy -- the Sam Alito-Vanguard "scandal." Apparently the judge ruled on a case involving the mammoth fund group when he was -- oh no! -- a customer! The perfidy! The horror! What amazes me is not that this sheer stupidity is being pushed by the Democrats, but that the media is not noting or even hinting at the absurdity of it. See here and here and here.

Alito is a customer of the mulit-gazillion-dollar fund group. That's all. Vanguard is no more important to him than the A&P or wherever he buys bread. Maybe less, because you actually have to go into an A&P to buy a loaf of bread, but you can have your entire pension fund managed by Vanguard and never speak to a Vanguard employee. The fund group specializes in index funds and other stuff that is strictly off-the-shelf.

Point is, the media are not supposed to be stenographers. Where is the skeptism in the reporting? I have no particular view of Alito one way or the other -- the merits of judicial appointees are not my thing -- but I know flabby coverage when I see it.

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