Sunday, November 06, 2005

Google Gives Counterpunch The Boot

Some months ago I ran an item describing how the puke-dissemniator Counterpunch was trying to pull a fast one on Google, by inducing people to click on Google Ads. "Four clicks a day is all we ask," said the Counterpunch appeal.

Apparently it worked, with one Counterpunch comrade loyally writing in to the Fascist online rag, saying "I have no money to support you directly. I am pleased to be able to do my bit . . . Just four clicks a day keeps imperialism at bay." Counterpunch changed the language of its appeal, but still was pressing people to click away on those ads.

Only one problem: Inducing readers to click on Google Ads inflates revenues coming to a site at the expense of Google advertisers. The four-click-a-day scheme was expressly prohibited by Google's terms of service.

Well, it seems that the jig is up. A posting in Counterpunch over the weekend contains a pathetic fund-raising appeal that includes the following: "We tried getting money out of Google, but they gave us the boot."

What a shame. Let's hold a collection. Hey, anyone out there have any spare change they want to throw at a bunch of anti-Semitic jackasses? Come on. Bigots need to eat too, you know.

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