Monday, November 07, 2005

The Charade Ends -- CJR's Corruption Complete

The New York Times reports today that all pretenses have dropped away, and that Moonbat Victor Navasky will now be devoting all his energies to Columbia Journalism Review. That makes complete the corruption of what had once been a respected, neutral journalism review.

This is the first time that the Times has mentioned Navasky's role at CJR, and does so in the context of Navasky being replaced at The Nation as publisher. The DavidM blog, whose reporting had originally revealed the Navasky's role at CJR, notes the scewed news judgment at work here: "Consider this: Leftist replaces leftist as as publisher of leftist magazine (dog bites man), The New York Times writes it up. Leftist takes over neutral media monitor (man bites dog), the Times does not find it newsworthy."

Dave, you're missing the point. You haven't been trained. What to you (and most people) is "man bites dog" is something else entirely to the trained observers at the Times. The "training," of course, being ideological rather than journalistic.