Thursday, December 08, 2005

The UN Press Corps Shafts Bolton -- Again

US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton is proving to be a forthright opponent of UN duplicity on terrorism. But you haven't read about it because the sleazy, co-opted UN press corps has been ignoring it. We have an excellent example of that today.

As I reported in an item last night, Bolton issued an unprecedented statement yesterday blasting the Security Council for failing to condemn the suicide bombing in Netanya, Israel. According to VOA News, he blamed Algeria for quashing the measure. Bolton lashed out at the Council for "failing to speak the truth."

Bravo Bolton! This has never been done before. But apart from VOA News, this forthright action by Bolton received no coverage whatsoever. Not even the wire services picked it up. Nothing in any major newspaper this morning -- nothing in the New York Times, Washington Post or any other major media outlet. That's because it placed Bolton in a favorable light. And that will never do -- not for a UN press corps that is in the pocket of UN bureaucrasts -- accepting UN work assignments and "honoraria" and turning a blind eye toward the hacks that do so.

The coziness of the UN-media relationship was exemplified this past Friday, with the annual UN Correspondents Association dinner. The guest of honor was Kofi Annan and the co-chairs of the event were the far-left hacks Ian Williams and Tony Jenkins -- both of whom were at the center of the UN correspondent payola and immigration law scandals. Williams is the famous Payola Pundit, who took money from the UN while shilling for Kofi in various publications. Jenkins hosts a UN-produced fake news show and has been accused of threatening other correspondents with revocation of their credentials.

Bolton has laudably broken the mold by pressing for organizational reform and strong action against terrorism. Time for him to take action against the UN corrupting the media and producing fake news. One thing you can be sure: If he does anything along those lines, you can bet the UN press corps won't report it.

UPDATE: More on the Bolton record that you won't read about in the media.

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