Monday, January 16, 2006

AFP Commemorates "The Fallen"

(Note: I sent out an email on Jan. 17 incorrectly linking to this item. Actually the item on the Times "robotic editorial" is here. Sorry folks!)

Another story I missed: Agence France Presse moved a story on Jan. 10 on what it describes, with typical fealty to inaccuracy, as "the first Eid Al-Adha free of Israeli occupation," -- forgetting about the X-thousand-odd years preceeding 1967, and going downhill from there.

Toward the end we get this tribute to some lovely people who have been massacred by the heartless Zionist enemy:

Palestinians also use Eid to honour their dead, particularly those killed since the uprising began in September 2000, consigning their territory to ever rising poverty.
Many of the fallen are buried in the Martyrs' Cemetery in northern Gaza City.
They include Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder and spiritual leader of Islamist movement Hamas, assassinated in an Israeli air raid in March 2004 and his successor, Abdelaziz al-Rantissi, killed in the same way a month later.
Don't you hate it when marvelous people are assassinated? Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and now the "spiritual leader" Mr. al-Rantissi?


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