Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Hara-Kiri Solution

The New York Times today, after weeks of fairly low-key coverage of the Israel-Palestinian dispute, charged into the abyss with an editorial that has a sound solution to the region's problem. That problem being, of course, Israel.

The Times wants Israel to deal with this problem by commiting suicide, utilizing the traditional Japanese method of hara-kiri. You know, taking a sword and cutting yourself in half.

Oh, you think I exaggerate? Well, see for yourself:
Whatever borders Israel fixes are not likely to get international recognition, particularly if those borders leave Palestinians cut in half — in the West Bank and Gaza — and unable to get from one part of their country to another without going through Israel.
Well, we can't have that, so Israel must do the honorable thing and cut itself in half. Thus Palestinians lugging a truckload of Katyushas from Gaza to the newly Judenrein Hebron would not have to dirty their tank tracks with Israeli soil.

Hey, that's what the "international community" will demand -- at least according to the anonymous knuckleheads who write New York Times editorials.

With surreal editorials like this, combined with its Abu Gharib Wrong Man Fiasco, the Times is doing an excellent job of shredding its little remaining credibility on all subjects east of Suez.


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