Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Times, in Mourning, Reaches For Incoherence

The New York Times has been in mourning since the Hamas electoral victory, which ripped to shreds one of the central tenets of the Sulzberger Indifference Template. The Myth of Palestinian Moderation looks pretty silly now, doesn't it? Still, the Times is trying hard to cope, and we see that in its editorial today bemoaning the Israeli raid on the Jericho "prison."

No, blaming America and Britain for -- I don't know.... blaming them for murderers being brought to justice? The horror! -- is not completely loony. It is actually quite logical, from the 43rd Street point of view.

First and foremost, whatever the mess, it is Times editorial policy that the Palestinians themselves are never to be held principally responsible. In this instance, as graphically recounted in the Times of London and pretty much everywhere except the New York Times, the Jericho "prison" was a sham. The prisoners lived a life of luxury and turned the prison into a suite of offices for the PFLP, one of the most murderous terror groups. This received little publicity outside Israel until recently, as IRIS noted.

But that is not the sole reason to "blame" anyone for what just happened. The one and only reason is that the Palestinians do not want to punish other Palestinians for murdering Israelis and Jews.

That is the central reason why the Jericho prison was a sham and why the raid was necessary. That is why Mohammed Abbas favored releasing the murderers, just as he had released four dozen terrorists from that same "prison" a couple of months ago -- which the Times almost completely ignored.

Nowhere is this Palestinian amorality mentioned in the Times, still remaining faithful to its Template but looking more and more foolish and incoherent by the day.


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